Bus sehme sehme pal se
Lagte ye kuch guzre bure kal se
Hum har pal Yu na reh payenge
Aaj phir masti mei jaana chaahenge
Jahaan dil ko bolne denge
Dimag ko masti ki lehron mei dubaake ,
Ab kuch naa sochne denge
Bus hassi ki baarish karenge
Aur masti ko masti se jeeyenge.

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Mere Ishwar Mere Khuda

Sab paa jaaye hum agar to
Tab bhi kahin kuch kami hai
Hum har pal agar muskuraaye to
Tab bhi aankhon mei ek nammi hai
Bus ek khaalipan hai zindagi mei
Haan tujhko paani ki bus kammi hai

“Modern ” means Changing for Good !!

Recognize the change in you 
And see if it is good for others

The time when you start thinking about yourself,

you become selfish
The time when will start thinking good about others
you achieve eternal peace

Selfishness narrows the region of Love and trust 
It eats you away and you will end up creating a bad image

If you love “Love”, you have found God and if you love “Money”
You probably have found Lust and Frustration. 

Clever Vs Wise

A trait which most people in this world find good is Cleverness. Being a clever boy or a clever girl is what makes people happy these days. But behind their happiness , lies someone’s sadness. I find clever people very Selfish to meet their Needs. Many a times i observed them crossing the limits of Selfishness. I found myself a victim of this bad act of Cleverness many a times. It is almost getting looted by someone in day light.

It is a shortcut towards fake success. Being Clever means killing someone’s emotions , dreams or wish. A path that looks attractive leads you to become Clever not wise.

Though it takes effort to be Wise. But the path of wise men dont murder anyone’s dream or wish. So be Wise not Clever.


Fear follows everyone at some point of time and i was Caught by it right from the Time when i first sensed the World. Fear finds its birth in the childhood time when restrictions are imposed to us. As we grow up fear grows stronger and deeper.Fear has made me weak at times to Speak the Truth. My fear sometimes is treated like “Respect” by someone. 

Time of mine wants an answer to end this Fear. 
You too can Answer if you Wish 🙂

Inspirational Alloys

The Title may Seem a bit odd But yes I found a great Analogy of it with our Social Community. Like the Way every Alloying Element in Limited and Known Form can Improve the Characteristic Property of a Parent Metal (Like In case of Steel The Strength is Greatly Increased by Adding Carbon in Small Percentages with it), in the Similar Manner the Checked population of Different Communities Living together in a Society can help to gain Strength. But if the Check is not maintained it slowly may Result into Disintegration. This Alloy is Analogous to Indian Community Where the Majority or Parent Metal is Hindu Population and Other Minorities Being the Alloying Elements. A Check of the Parent Metal Population and Alloying Element Population Will make India Integrated as Never Before.

India Needs a Population Check to Counter all Problems from the Roots.

Thank you !

Mental Peace

Mental Peace or may we call it as a Peace of Soul is important to have a Concentrated and Focused Mind. In Today’S world Most People try to Adapt Themselves to Their Surroundings to Survive with Worldy “Respect and Honor” . This often is achieved by Killing our Emotions and Souls Desire. This Creates a Mood of Mental Disturbance. I see mental Disturbance as the only reason for Low Self Confidence. The Behavior of all of us is often affected by our Surroundings. Our Social Desire to be the Same like Others keeps our Originality under a Mask . We must know the “Real us” behind the Mask and re discover Ourselves.